Zhenya Warshavsky’s career and interests span music, audio, technology, leadership, and self-development.

In 2006, after getting his career start working for The Sims video game franchise within Electronic Arts’ HQ in Silicon Valley, Zhenya went on to support the launch of Kroogi.com. A music/new media startup, Kroogi.com notably launched one of the first pay-what-you-want emarketplace models for artists and musicians.

After moving to NYC in 2009, Zhenya has been primarily focused on supporting the NYC Creative Agency space in developing digital experiences for Fortune 500 clients as an embedded employee, and starting in 2014, as a consultant for Razorfish, Havas, and brands under Publicis Groupe.

In 2015, Zhenya co-founded the Brooklyn-based acoustic consulting / sound-system design firm Stampede Sound. Most recently, his company is working on a bass analysis analytics solution for DJs, which is slated to revolutionize the DJ performance space with proprietary audio analytics tools.

In 2019, Zhenya’s interest in DSP brought him to the full-time Machine Learning / Data Engineering program at Lambda School, where his imagination has been held captive ever since.


Music Performance: Live dub reggae via melodica, funk via flute, all things latin via the congas, and other various sonic amalgamations via various keys-based instruments.

Audiophile: Building, setting up, and tuning home and club sound systems alike, the allure of perfectly balanced sound never leaves his mind.

Sound System Design: New speaker prototypes slated for launch in notable clubs in the NYC-area.

Humor: The reason for all things no matter the context.